Mission Statement

This is an alliance of leading technology vendors that is dedicated to fostering adoption of NFV (network functions virtualization) and promoting best-of-breed implementations and practices in this area.

This alliance provides pre-integrated, commercially available NFV solutions for CSPs. Member companies are all working hands-on with CSPs around the world, large and small, to determine, test, and implement virtualization strategies, as CSPs rely on market leaders and pioneers to provide a safe way to navigate the uncertainties of early-stage technologies.

As such, we also seek to be complementary and synergistic with other NFV ecosystems, many of which our members also participate actively in.

We also are committed to generating discussion and providing answers to the tough questions related to NFV implementation.

Architecture High-Level Overview

NFV is a carrier-led effort to move away from proprietary hardware, motivated by desires to dramatically reduce the cost of deployment by using standard x86 commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware for everything. Running all functions on identical, shared hardware promises a much simpler, more efficient network.

In a nutshell, NFV takes something that used to be a standalone network element, often on proprietary hardware, and runs it as a virtual machine (VM) alongside many other VMs by leveraging the massive recent advancements in elastic data center infrastructure.

Furthermore, fast-moving new entrants or niche CSPs can benefit from this technology through the opportunity to provide a lower-cost, streamlined deployment with incredibly short time-to-market. What would take enormous capital, rooms full of proprietary hardware, and months or years only a short while ago will soon take a smaller investment and perhaps only days.

But NFV isn’t just about swapping proprietary hardware for virtualized functions – NFV has the potential to embed intelligence throughout the network. This requires a deep understanding of network policy control across all levels of CSP networks and virtualization introduces the possibility of infrastructure vendors efficiently integrating these capabilities and offering their customers the world’s best network policy control.